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I started my first Postdoc position in October 2022 at the GIGA institute, University of Liège in the newly established research group of Jean-Marc Lassance. Working on two Peromyscus species, I will try to better understand the molecular mechanisms that tie olfaction and behaviour together.

I got my PhD in April 2020 from the University of Jyväskylä, supervised by Prof. Hannu Ylönen and Dr. Marko Haapakoski. The recording of my thesis defense is available from this link.

My thesis (available here) focused on predator-prey interactions between the common weasel (Mustela nivalis nivalis) and the bank vole (Myodes glareolus). The current focus lays on odour transmitted information, both via predator-based odours (in the form of kairomones) and via prey-based odours (most likely in the form of pheromones).

I put my main interest on cross-generational effects of predator presence. With this theme, I looked into how early-life exposure to the different odors of fear affects behavior later on in life.

I received my Master's degree from Linköping University. My thesis, Behavioural responses of mice to predator odour components, was supervised by Prof. Matthias Laska.

My Bachelor's degree was awarded by the University of Bonn. For my thesis I looked into ungulate density estimates via camera traps, supervised by Dr. Renate van der Elzen in cooperation with the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig.


Thorbjörn Sievert


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